William van den Heuvel William van den Heuvel
Freelance software developer

Expertise of Microsoft .NET Framework

This page shows some of my experience with the Microsoft .NET Framework. I program almost entirely in C#, which is my preferred language. I have also written programs in Visual Basic (VB) and migrated programs from Visual Basic (VB) to C# but, generally, I don't recommend developing software in VB.

The following table shows the .NET classes and controls that I have used in various projects.

  NameSpace Classes
C# System Nullable<T>, String
C# System.Text ASCIIEncoding, StringBuilder
C# System.Collections.ObjectModel ObservableCollection<T>
Internet System.Windows Dns, IPAddress, IPEndPoint, IPHostEntry, NetworkCredential
Internet System.Windows.Net Dns, IPAddress, IPEndPoint, IPHostEntry, NetworkCredential
Internet System.Windows.Net.Sockets NetworkStream, TcpClient
Internet System.Windows.Net.Mail MailAddress, MailMessage, SmtpClient,
Forms System.Windows.Forms Button, CheckBox, ComboBox, GroupBox, Label, ListBox, RadioButton, StatusStrip, TabControl, TabPage, TextBox, ToolStripProgressBar, ToolStripStatusLabel
XML System.Xml XmlDocument, XmlElement, XmlNode, XmlNodeList
XML System.Xml.Linq XElement
WPF System.Data DataSet, DataTable
WPF System.Windows DataTemplate, MessageBox, Window
WPF System.Windows.Controls Button, CheckBox ComboBox, Grid, GridSplitter, GridView, GridViewColumn, GroupBox, Label, ListView, RadioButton, TextBox
WPF System.Windows.Data Binding, DataColumn, DataRow
Silverlight System.Windows Application, DataTemplate, DependencyObject, Deployment, Duration, FrameworkElement, Point, PropertyPath, UIElement, Setter, Style
Silverlight System.Windows.Browser HtmlPage
Silverlight System.Windows.Controls Border, Button, CheckBox, ControlTemplate, DataGrid, DataGridColumn, DataGridTemplateColumn, DatePicker, Grid, Image, Slider, StackPanel, TextBlock, TextBox, UserControl
Silverlight System.Windows.Controls.Primitives Popup, ToggleButton
Silverlight System.Windows.Media Color, GradientStop, RadialGradientBrush,RotateTransform, ScaleTransform, SkewTransform, SolidColorBrush, TransformGroup, TranslateTransform, VisualTreeHelper
Silverlight System.Windows.Media.Animation DoubleAnimation, Storyboard,
Silverlight System.Windows.Shapes Rectangle