William van den Heuvel William van den Heuvel
Freelance software developer


Following is a brief career description in reverse chronological order

2005-todate Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server

Since 2005 I have experience with the Microsoft .NET framework as well as with Microsoft SQL Server
Since 2009 I also have experience with WPF, Silverlight, WCF, WWF and related technologies.

2002-2005 Java

In 2002, I switched my focus towards distributed client/server systems. I have practical experience designing and developing standalone Java application with Swing GUI, and Web applications using J2EE (Enterprise Java).

1968-2002 IBM mainframe

In 1968 I moved to Brighton, England to work for the American Express Company (European Credit card Division). This is when my IT career on the IBM mainframe started.

In 1973, I moved to Munich, Germany working as a systems programmer for BMW.

In 1977 I became a freelance IT consultant focussing primarily on software design and development.